Personalized Cyber Security In Manhattan

The world is beginning to turn to digital means for just about everything. Business is no different with many companies investing heavily in their digital presence. If you’re looking to upgrade your company’s cyber security, then Proteli Information Technology is ready to help you. With years of experience working with all kinds of businesses and highly knowledgeable professionals, Proteli can set up or upgrade your company’s cyber security solutions to help keep your business, your employees, and your customers safe from potential digital threats.

Every company needs a safe and reliable cyber security system in place to protect against ever increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. The days of complex passwords being enough to keep your online data safe are over. Our cyber security company will work with you in order to help discover the needs of your company and to help you become SHIELD Act compliant. We can install two-step verification programs, cyber threat monitoring, data monitoring, and other helpful cyber security solutions. Keep reading to learn more about some of our cyber security services, or contact Proteli to get started on your services today.


Security Plan Development

We start with an assessment of your current safeguards. Review your existing polices and any regulatory requirements. Help you identify your weak spots. We then put together a comprehensive and pragmatic plan to lock down your environment and keep the threats at bay

Phishing and Training

Cyber security is not a set it and forget it practice. Most of the threats out there are low tech and are designed to exploit people, more than technology. You want your employees to be in a constant state of awareness. Our white-hat (ethical) phishing campaigns and on-site interactive user training, are designed to keep your team on their toes and out of harms way.

Vulnerability Testing

Technology is evolving rapidly. Software updates are constant and as a result, unintentional vulnerabilities are inevitable. We keep our clients safe with regular vulnerability testing to ensure that all the doors are closed and all the windows are locked.

Cyber Threat Monitoring

Without the proper security, digital thieves can gain access to your company’s private information and use it or release it on the internet for profit. Here at Proteli Information Technology, we can help keep your data private by monitoring for potential threats. We can help stop breaches, or help to significantly mitigate them if one ever occurs.

If you need personalized cyber security solutions in Manhattan, then our IT company is the perfect fit for you. Our experts are dedicated to helping your company stay safe from digital threats and to become compliant under the New York SHIELD Act. Contact Proteli Information Technology to answer any questions and to get started on your custom cyber security services today.