Comprehensive vulnerability management

Before any regulatory requirement and investor due diligence, every business needs a cyber-security strategy simply protect its self from increasing sophisticated cyber threats. Complex password are no longer sufficient security. A mulita layer approach is necessary to protect your firm from becoming the next cybercrime victim. Our cyber security experts leverage real world breach experience to implement strategies that will keep your network and your users of out the hands of cyber criminals.


Security Plan Development

We start with an assessment of your current safeguards. Review your existing polices and any regulatory requirements. Help you identify your weak spots. We then put together a comprehensive and pragmatic plan to lock down your environment and keep the threats at bay

Phishing and Training

Cyber security is not a set it and forget it practice. Most of the threats out there are low tech and are designed to exploit people, more than technology. You want your employees to be in a constant state of awareness. Our white-hat (ethical) phishing campaigns and on-site interactive user training, are designed to keep your team on their toes and out of harms way.

Vulnerability Testing

Technology is evolving rapidly. Software updates are constant and as a result, unintentional vulnerabilities are inevitable. We keep our clients safe with regular vulnerability testing to ensure that all the doors are closed and all the windows are locked.