1. Benefits of the New York SHIELD Act

    Benefits Of The New York SHIELD Act

    On July 25, 2019, Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor, signed the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act, or SHIELD for short, into law. While some of the amendments took effect October 2019, the rest of the law is still yet to take effect. March is the first month that the entire law w…Read More

  2. IT solutions every company needs

    Things Every Company Needs

    Business is constantly evolving as new products and services are introduced and older or obsolete goods are phased out. While every company is different, even those that offer similar products and services, there are a few things that every company needs in order to operate normally and be competiti…Read More

  3. Why cybersecurity is important for businesses

    Why Cybersecurity Is Important For All Businesses

    All throughout time, humans have used security measures to help keep their valuables safe from potential thieves and criminals. From security guards to locks and chains, we’ve always utilized some kind of security system to help keep things we deem valuable safe. With our society, and overall way …Read More