Manhattan Business Cybersecurity Solutions

The New York SHIELD Act mandates that all businesses who use or store the personal information of their customers or clients have cybersecurity solutions in place that will help protect that information. The law was put in place to help keep the digital information of everyone as safe as possible. Proteli Information Technology can help make sure your company has the cybersecurity solutions needed to comply with the SHIELD Act. Keep reading to learn about some of the personalized IT services we can offer to help keep the digital information of your company, your employees, and your customers private.

Managed IT Solutions

Even if you aren’t an IT expert, the professionals here at Proteli Information Technology can help your business with hands on managed IT solutions. Our experts will handle all of your IT and cybersecurity needs.

Cloud Solutions

The Cloud offers amazing benefits at lightning fast speeds. If you want to set up Cloud services for your company, or you need Cloud security solutions, the experts at Proteli are ready to help you.

Project Management

Whether you need to upgrade your WiFi network or you need to migrate all of your information, the experts at Proteli Information Technology can manage just about any IT service you need.

Get Started Today

Ready for custom cybersecurity solutions made just for your company? Contact Proteli Information Technology to answer any questions and to get started on your personalized cybersecurity services.