With the world beginning to turn to digital solutions for just about everything, it only makes sense that businesses both big and small do the same. Whether you’re a global corporation or a brand new company operating out of your garage, your business can benefit from digital solutions that help your business grow. But what are the best digital solutions for businesses, and how does a company go about implementing and managing those solutions? In today’s blog, Proteli Information Technology, the best managed IT service providers in Manhattan, will go over what managed services are as well as some of the best ones you should be using at your company.

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Almost every company around the world now uses some kind of IT service. Whether you have a sophisticated data management system at your company, or you just had wifi installed in your business, you have used commercial IT solutions in some capacity. While some companies are lucky enough to have their own IT department, others have to use outside business to help them with their IT solutions. This presents several options for companies who want or need to add updated digital solutions for their business.

Companies can choose on-demand IT solutions when they need something installed once. On-demand IT services usually add programs, software, services, or solutions as a company believes they need them. They’re also typically used in a break/fix format, where IT services are only used when something in a company is broken. While on-demand services are good for some companies, they can take time to implement depending on the services you want. They can also cost quite a bit if you need more difficult work done.

Managed IT services are continual IT solutions provided over time to a company or business. These services are used to help optimize and improve digital functionality for the company that uses them. It’s a proactive approach to on-demand services that take time and a lot of money to complete properly. Your managed service provider will sit down with you in order to come up with a plan for your custom IT solutions, then, once a strategy is in place, they’ll get to work on implementing programs, services, platforms, and anything else that your company can use to become even more efficient.

Managed Solutions We Can Offer

Here at Protelli Information Technology, we can provide some of the best managed IT solutions to all kinds of companies. We have the experience and knowledge to help your company grow and thrive with custom digital solutions that are made just for your business. We understand that not every business is the same, that’s why we only offer IT solutions we know will help your company. Keep reading to learn more about some of the custom managed IT services we can provide your business.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud is one of the most innovative solutions for companies in almost every industry. While you’ve probably heard of the cloud before, you may not fully understand what it is. Essentially, the cloud is a global network of servers that provide specific functions. Unlike software though, the cloud isn’t something you install on your computer, it’s a collection of remote servers that provide services, help store content, or other unique functions. Here at Proteli, we can offer some of the best custom cloud solutions to help you optimize your business at lightning fast speeds.

Cybersecurity Solutions

While your computer or the private files you work with are password protected, they can still be susceptible to digital attacks. These attacks can happen remotely and in the blink of an eye, making cybersecurity incredibly important for every company. Custom cybersecurity services from Protelli Information Technology will help keep your personal information and the personal information of your employees and customers private. We can even provide cloud security services to help protect your custom cloud solutions as well.

Digital Apps

Tired of trying to manage your digital aps, such as Office 365, DropBox, Google Apps, and more? The experts here at Proteli can help provide custom managed solutions that will download the digital apps that your company will use the most, tailor them to fit your needs, and manage them in order to keep them functioning at their full potential. Quit dealing with digital apps that you don’t need or want and let the professionals at Protelli help you.

When you need custom managed IT solutions in Manhattan, then Proteli Information Technology is the perfect partner for you. We can provide all kinds of custom IT solutions for your company to help push your company into the modern age and provide everything it needs to grow for the future. Get to know our managed IT company, learn more about the managed IT solutions we can offer you, or contact Proteli Information Technology to get a free quote for your custom IT solutions today.