While the Cloud has been around for a little while, it’s still very new to many people all around the world. The Cloud has been an extremely useful tool for certain individuals for years, allowing us to keep a countless amount of information safe in an online platform. While the technology has been around for a few years, many companies are just starting to take advantage of cloud solutions to help optimize their business. But how exactly can the Cloud help businesses? In today’s blog, Proteli Information Technology, the providers of the best cloud services in Manhattan, will go over how the Cloud can help your company.

Lower Costs

Back-up services and extra servers or memory banks can be pricey, especially if you need a lot of them. Not to mention all of the added power costs and security features you’ll need for each one. If you don’t take the time to organize your information, you could spend a lot of time just trying to find the thing you need. Cloud-based services can help businesses both big and small save money. Instead of buying clunky and hard to use hardware that takes up a lot of space and uses a lot of power, businesses can simply subscribe to Cloud software that backs up their information on highly secure off-site servers. With Cloud-based solutions, you can help lower the costs of your business while helping it to run even better than it was before.

Improve Collaborationman writing on white board

Does your company use different departments and teams to work on multiple projects at a single time? Before Cloud-services came around, departments would have to send their work to any and all other departments or specialists in order to get everything that needed to be on the project on it in time. If you or someone else forgot to send something, or another department needed something that wasn’t originally foreseen, it could delay the project and possibly even jeopardize your company’s success. Without Cloud services, chances are you could only work on the project or view it while at work, making it inconvenient for those who aren’t on-site or work remotely.

With custom Cloud solutions, your company can help improve the overall collaboration of your business. Different departments can view and work on the same project at the same time. Anything that needs to be added can be done in real time without having to wait for someone to send the appropriate assets. Cloud-based services can also help provide instant messaging, conference calling, and video calling capabilities to help make communication between numerous departments or even different companies incredibly easy. Some will even allow you to include customers and vendors as well. Simply download an app and anyone at your company can view or work on the project from just about anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Manage Growth

Have you ever invested in a phone system or new product for your business, only to have it be incompatible with your business after you grew? Unlike traditional technology or hardware, Cloud-based systems are designed to grow with your business. If you get your Cloud services when you’re just starting up, you won’t have to worry about spending double the amount or even more when you become a Fortune 500 company. Cloud-based solutions are designed to adapt to the needs of your company, that way you won’t have to worry about the resources your business needs when it comes to your Cloud services. Cloud-based systems allow your company to become more flexible.

Secure Information Backup

If you’ve ever had an incident where important information, files, or data was lost because someone didn’t properly save it, then you know the pain of not having data backup solutions. As we said before, on-site backup solutions can be incredibly expensive and difficult to manage. The best part about Cloud-based information backup is that all of the secure servers are off-site, meaning that they won’t take up space at your business or drive up your bills with costly electricity and cooling costs. Your Cloud systems will also have dedicated IT professionals who are always ready to help you set up, optimize, and better understand your services.

You can also store a near-endless amount of data on your company’s personal Cloud platform, meaning you won’t have to get rid of important information that could prove to be vital to your business down the road. With Cloud-based data backup solutions, you won’t have to choose between saving one file over another. You can also rest assured knowing that your company’s information and data is safe on a secure Cloud network.

If you’re looking for the best Cloud-based solutions for your company, then Proteli Information Technology is the perfect partner for you. We can provide all kinds of IT solutions, including Cloud-based services for companies of all sizes. Learn more about our custom Cloud solutions, get to know our Manhattan IT company, or contact Proteli Information Technology to get started on your Cloud services today.