Information Technology, more commonly known as IT, is an important part of today’s business world. With the entire world moving over to more digital means, it only makes sense that IT services and IT companies are currently in high demand. IT companies provide other companies with important services that not only help those businesses operate normally, but optimize their company as well, allowing them to grow and thrive. But what makes an IT company good? In today’s blog, Proteli Information Technology, the best IT Company in Manhattan, will go over what to look for in a trustworthy IT company.

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There are many IT companies out there who work to simply fix broken things. For instance, if your copier isn’t working or if you’re having issues with your router, that company will come out and help fix your issues right then and there. While this kind of IT service can be beneficial if your issue is a small, easily fixable problem that goes away after one visit from a professional, it may not be enough to get rid of your tech issues for good. Any physical problems with your equipment is a good time to call a break/fix IT company. For larger or more unseen issues, you’ll want to partner with a full-service IT company.

Full-service IT companies will not only fix the problem at hand, say a jammed printer or malfunctioning modem, but they can also help to find and fix any recurring and hard-to-find IT issues. They’ll also be able to provide proactive IT management, meaning that they can optimize your network and digital systems in order to reduce the amount of IT issues you have in the future. Proactive management includes the monitoring of your system as well as being familiar with your business and industry as a whole. A good IT company will help you choose the tools needed to make your network and systems run as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Everyone has to start somewhere, but do you really want that to be on your systems? Experienced IT companies will come with certifications and are more than willing to provide you with proof of those certifications in one way or another. Technology vendors, such as Microsoft and Apple, offer certification programs to IT companies and technicians who will be working on their products. Some IT companies will also have a budget set aside for continued education and/or certifications that their employees can take advantage of.

Certifications may vary from company to company, and may not be up to date, so asking a company before you hire them or partner with them what their certifications are is always well advised. Ask if a company’s employees are trained on different systems, what those systems are, see if they have continued training for their employees, and any other questions you’d like answers to regarding your specific network and systems. The right IT company for your business will be well trained in all kinds of systems, applications, and numerous other IT solutions, especially those that pertain to your business.

Data Security

Almost every year we hear about companies who were hacked, leaking tons of personal information, like credit card numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and more, onto public websites as well as the dark web. The problem most of these companies share is that they all had little to no cyber security measures in place to stop potential thieves from taking countless amounts of personal information from companies. While there’s never a 100% guarantee your business will never experience a data breach, there are ways to help protect your company to help ensure that a breach is less likely to happen and to minimize their negative effects.

Just like any thief, digital predators, often referred to as hackers, are constantly evolving and coming up with new tactics in order to steal any and all online information they can. A good IT company will already know this and will be constantly upgrading your cyber security solutions in order to protect your company, your employees, and your customers or clients. Trustworthy IT companies will be able to come up with a plan to help keep your business safe from digital thieves. They’ll also have the knowhow to change your plan should the need ever arise.

Defined Response Times

When it comes to your IT services, sometimes you’ll need it as fast as possible. While everything takes time to coordinate and get off the ground, most IT companies will include response times in their contracts, also known as service level agreements or SLAs for short. SLAs will outline your IT partner’s guaranteed response times, which is the amount of time it will take for someone from your partnered IT company to show up at your business. Your SLA will only outline when someone will show up to your business, not when the problem will be fixed though, as an IT issue can actually take a long time to properly fix.

If your IT company states that they can fix an issue in a certain amount of time, or that your service will take no more than an X amount of time to complete, that could mean a bigger problem for you. Because good IT companies know that fixing IT issues can take a long time, they’ll never guarantee that a job will only take so long in your SLA. IT companies that do often use band-aid solutions to try and “fix” your IT services. While this may seem like the problem is fixed, it could lead to more issues and pricey IT solutions in the future.

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