All throughout time, humans have used security measures to help keep their valuables safe from potential thieves and criminals. From security guards to locks and chains, we’ve always utilized some kind of security system to help keep things we deem valuable safe. With our society, and overall way of life, moving towards the digital plane, physical security measures are starting to become less important than they once were in the past. As we begin to explore and adapt this new digital landscape, we’ll need new ways to keep important information safe from digital thieves. In today’s blog, Proteli Information Technology, the best cybersecurity company in Manhattan, will go over some of the reasons why your company needs cybersecurity services.

What Is Cybersecurity?Colorful software or web code on a computer monitor

Before we get into the reasons why your company should be using cybersecurity services, let’s explain exactly what cybersecurity is. Cybersecurity, or digital security, refers to the certain programs and features we use to help keep our digital information private. Because digital information is all deciphered into code, that code can be accessed through other digital means such as malware, spyware, and other malicious programs.

Cybersecurity is designed to stop these malicious programs from taking effect. Things like fire walls, anti-spyware/malware programs, pop-up blockers, and even login credentials are all considered cybersecurity. These applications work to stop individuals from gaining access to important or sensitive information on anything that can get on the internet. Because affected devices can allow programs and individuals to access other devices that are all connected to the same server, it’s incredibly important to have some kind of cybersecurity program on all of your devices, especially if you’re a business owner.

When these cybersecurity programs are combined with more advanced applications, such as custom two-factor authentication, email validation, and managed IT solutions, you’ll have some of the best digital security for your company or business. Keeping your company’s private information out of the hands of those who shouldn’t be seeing it is important in today’s growing digital world.

Why Cybersecurity Is Important

Because our world is transitioning towards digital platforms, most, if not all, of our vital information can be found in some way on the internet. Companies that don’t invest in digital security solutions or don’t take cybersecurity seriously often come under attack by digital thieves, often referred to as hackers. Major companies like Target, Chase, Marriott, Yahoo, Equifax, and more have all suffered large data breaches in the last decade, costing them and anyone associated with the company lots of time, money, and resources.

Businesses have a responsibility to protect their information as well as the information of their customers/clients and employees as best they can. Cybersecurity isn’t just a means to stop annoying pop-up ads from springing up — it also helps prevent thieves from gaining access to private information the company keeps on record or through code via online or in person transactions. Things like credit card information, social security numbers, physical addresses, and other personal information can all be extracted from a company that doesn’t have the proper cybersecurity solutions in place.

Data breaches affect:

  • The company/business as a whole
  • All employees
  • Any customers or clients who have used the company
  • The public opinion about the company/business
  • Employee morale
  • And more

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